The Beaches
The beaches in Playa are exceptionally beautiful, even by Caribbean standards. The sand is fine, soft and white. The fact that it never gets hot is an unusual and pleasant feature. No more running into the ocean on your toes trying desperately not to burn the soles of your feet.
The reason for this is that it's made of tiny particles of coral and and each particle is porous, so it doesn't retain heat. This makes the beaches of Playa perfect for kids (and adults) who like playing in the sand. There is little undertow, hardly any tide, and no ripping waves. With people from all over the world you have your choice of beach life
If you start from the dock and head north, the first bay has many little beach restaurants and bars, perfect for sitting in the shade watching people go by. Across the turqouise waters of the Caribbean, Cozumel sparkles on the horizon. Some of the bars in this bay has live music and some offer a more quiet surrounding. But they are all relaxed. All along this bay you can find beach chairs and umbrellas to rent. The first point is marked by a big yellow hotel called Porto Real. Beyond lies a wider more scarcely populated beach.
There are a few beach clubs, where you can get something to eat or drink or rent an umbrella and a beach chair. Further North lies the a point called Coco Beach, which pretty much marks the end of Playa del Carmen. At Coco Beach there are a couple of restaurants. Just off this point you'll find the best snorkeling in the area. Beyond Coco Beach miles of empty beach streches out ahead of you.