The Jungle
A bird's nest in the jungle close to Playa del Carmen. The main reason for most people to visit the Caribbean is the beautiful ocean and the fantastic diving you can do here. But there's more to it than that. Inland the jungle lurks with great trees, colorful butterflies and vibrating birds. The Yucatan peninsula is basically a gigantic limestone slab that was once a coral reef. You'll see plenty of proof of that on your cenote dive.

Many visitors to the area never venture far beyond the comforts of Fifth Avenue and a cold cerveza. For the daring and adventurous, the jungle is quite a source of natural wonderment and adventure. Apart from hosting hundreds of species of tropical birds, jaguars, deer, and more than a couple varieties of exotic insects, the jungle also guards the remaining secrets of the Maya under a thick green canopy.


Not far from Playa del Carmen lies the Mayan city Coba, where you can have this breathtaking view from the pyramid.
A pretty cactus in the jungle outside Playa del Carmen. The very minimum any true diver should do is experience the beauty that surrounds the many cenotes. Take a moment to wander around and explore a bit when you're on your cenote dive. It is possible to enter one cenote and dive to another cenote completely isolated in the middle of the jungle. You could surface to find a jaguar drinking from the same water in which you are diving.