Fun Things to Do
The Diving

Playa del Carmen is very popular for its beaches, laid back atmosphere and its phenomenal diving. From the miraculous inland cenotes to the tranquil and shimmering Caribbean Sea all the way to the isle of Cozumel, there's no other place with as much diversity underwater mixed with an internationally inspired topside vibe that's famous for fun and relaxation.

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 Diving in Playa del Carmen.  This is Mike himself with a turtle.
The Town

Playa del Carmen is on Mexico's Riviera Maya, the name given to the beautiful white beach trimmed coast that runs south from Cancun towards Tulum. Playa del Carmen can be considered the capital of this strip of paradise. Playa, as it is known to locals, started out as a small sleepy fishing village, its only fame being the port for the ferry that passes from the mainland to the island of Cozumel 14 kilometers offshore.  Nowadays it is a full fledged vacation destination in its own right, and one of the most popular resort areas in all of Mexico. There are plenty of reasons why.

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The Beaches

The beaches in Playa are exceptionally beautiful, even by Caribbean standards. The sand is fine, soft and white. The fact that it never gets hot is an unusual and pleasant feature. No more running into the ocean on your toes trying desperately not to burn the soles of your feet.

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The Jungle

The main reason for most people to visit the Caribbean is the beautiful ocean and the fantastic diving you can do here. But there's more to it than that. Inland, the jungle lurks with great trees, colorful butterflies and vibrating birds. The Yucatan peninsula is basically a gigantic limestone slab that was once a coral reef.

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The Mayans

The area around Playa del Carmen is full of Mayan ruins, small and big. They are truly fascinating and anyone visiting the area should explore at least one of them. Some of the most famous archaeological sites, like Tulum and Coba are only a short drive from Playa del Carmen.

A little further from Playa, about 3 hours, lies the magnificent ruin of Chichen Itza, which was the most important capital of the Mayan world around 900 AD. The monumental Kukulkan pyramid (photo) can be climbed both on the inside and the outside..

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Go to Cozumel

Cozumel is only a short ferry boat ride from Playa del Carmen.  A ferry  leaves Playa every hour.  Just get a ticket at one of the two ticket booths by the ferry dock and enjoy a fun filled day in Cozumel.